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Golden Healer ~ Red Limonite Grounding Home Energising Kit
Golden Healer ~ Red Limonite Grounding Home Energising Kit

Golden Healer ~ Red Limonite Grounding Home Energising Kit

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This High Vibe GOLDEN HEALER GROUNDING kit is ideal for attracting more GOOD VIBES into your home and your life! Perfect for home, office or travel, it really is a beautiful, high vibe edition to any space!

RED LIMONITE is a Crystal that is ideal for grounding your personal energy and the energy in your home or space...if your home is a bit chaotic or your office has a lot of people passing through with different energies then this is the Crystal kit for you as it will keep your space and energy levels GOLDEN, GROUNDED and connected to the EARTH! 

Golden Healer Quartz or Red Limonite as it’s often called, will energetically clean everything in your auric field and fill it with golden healing light.

It is said it will even reach right down to your cellular structure to release old behaviors, conditions, and patterns.

It can activate healing on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

It can also help you access the highest vibrations so that you can raise the frequencies in your body and release blockages and unwanted energies.

Golden Healer Quartz with Red Limonite inclusion can restore your body’s balance and encourage peace and harmony.

This GROUNDING kit includes:

1  Piece of Ethically Sourced, Quartz infused Californian White Sage (min 10cm)

1 Piece of Ethically Sourced, Palo Santo

1 Artisan cut Selenite Cleansing and Energising Tower (10cm)

1 Artisan hand sculpted Bowl to display, cleanse and energise anything placed inside (9cm x 4cm)

1 Artisan cut Selenite Charging plate (extra deep) can be used to cleanse and energise any Crystal Eye masks and also be used as a coaster (10cm x 2.5cm)

1 Drawstring bag of Certified Fair Trade Golden Healer ~ Red Limonite Crystals (as size of Crystals naturally vary we will hand measure each bag so that your bowl is full and there are always more than enough crystals to be seen over the top rim of the bowl)

Each item in this collection is handmade by local Artisans within the mining communities where these Crystals were ethically sourced and Certified Fair Trade by The Global Crystal Association.

The Californian White Sage that we sell is grown by our own family, using only Organic materials and our whole hearted love to grow these gorgeous pieces of Quartz crystal infused sage bundles.

The Palo Santo we use is from non Ecuadorian sources and we only use Palo Santo that has been cut from trees that naturally fell and have been laying on the ground untouched for a minimum of 5 years and up to 10 years, so that the natural oils in the Palo Santo or 'Holy Wood' as it is known, has developed making this beautiful scent when burnt. For each batch of Palo Santo that we purchase, a new tree is planted in its place!