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Our beautiful gold PROSPERITY CRYSTAL EYES MASK is made with the most energetic, raw CITRINE crystals we've ever had the pleasure to touch. 

The spiritual or metaphysical qualities of the crystal CITRINE are as bright and vibrant as the crystal itself! Citrine has always been known as the crystal of WEALTH, PROSPERITY, ABUNDANCE and SUCCESS.  CITRINE enhances the whole body's healing energy field and has such a great effect on clearing the aura of debris, that if left in our aura, this debris would stop us attracting wealth or abundance.  This is why CITRINE is known for attracting abundance, wealth and success to anyone who comes into contact with it.  CITRINE is a also a 'Happy' crystal, it is said to remove negative feelings and emotions that hold us back from achieving our goals and living a life we love!  CITRINE is said to not only help you to become financially wealthy but also bring you an abundance of happiness!

As we only use FAIR TRADE & CONFLICT FREE crystals and gemstones as CERTIFIED BY THE GLOBAL CRYSTAL ASSOCIATION then all of our crystals and gems were mined by happy miners, under FAIR TRADE conditions which means that when they were mined from the earth they were collected by miners who love their work and their working conditions and as crystals are a conductor of energy you can be assured that from the moment the crystals in your CRYSTAL EYES masks left the earth they were only touched by LOVING hands.

Chakra(s): Sacral and Solar Plexus

Energy Vibration: 6

Element: Fire

Energy: Wealth, Abundance, Success, Prosperity, Happiness and Joy