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Our stunning SILVER CRYSTAL EYES MASK is made with the most high vibrational RAINBOW MOONSTONE and subtle but strong PEACH MOONSTONE, which is extremely rare in its true, raw form. 

The spiritual or metaphysical qualities of MOONSTONE & PEACH MOONSTONE are why we named this CRYSTAL EYES mask MOONSTONE GODDESS...as the name suggests, MOONSTONE is strongly connected to the energy of the moon and to intuition as well.  It's also first and foremost a female crystal, directly associated with SELENE GODDESS OF THE MOON.  Like the moon, these stones reflective schiller reminds one that as the moon waxes and wanes through a natural cycle, so do we.  Vibrating with female wisdom the RAINBOW MOONSTONE has a calming energy that helps us to go with the flow during times of change, like changes in life cycles or moon cycles.  However we have combined this RAINBOW MOONSTONE with the gentle, loving and healing vibration of the rare form of PEACH MOONSTONE so that we may feel protected and wrapped up in a safe, loving peach coloured Aura during times of change that cause us to be stressed or worry about the uncertainty of life as we move through its cycles.  These stones combined will have you embracing change as the positive cycle that it is! 

As we only use FAIR TRADE & CONFLICT FREE crystals and gemstones as CERTIFIED BY THE GLOBAL CRYSTAL ASSOCIATION then all of our crystals and gems were mined by happy miners, under FAIR TRADE conditions which means that when they were mined from the earth they were collected by miners who love their work and their working conditions and as crystals are a conductor of energy you can be assured that from the moment the crystals in your CRYSTAL EYES masks left the earth they were only touched by LOVING hands.

 Chakra(s): ALL CHAKRAS

 Energy Vibration: MASTER NUMBER 77

Element: Water

Energy: Protection through change, Female Empowerment, Love, Intuition, Divination, Youth