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Our beautiful AURA CRYSTAL EYES MASK is made with the most vibrant bright blue Aqua Aura crystals. 

The spiritual or metaphysical qualities of the crystal Aqua Aura are abundant but this crystal is mostly known for its powerful energy that is said to be able to cleanse your auric field just by having it close to you.  It is said that once the Aqua Aura crystals have calmed your emotional body they will then cleanse and activate all chakras simultaneously!  These stones are also said to attract success in all areas of your life due to the powerful combination of Quartz (an amplifier crystal) and Gold (known as a symbol of success and wealth) as they cleanse any dense energy and raise your vibration so that you are able to be the best version of yourself and reach your goals with ease!

As we only use FAIR TRADE & CONFLICT FREE crystals and gemstones as CERTIFIED BY THE GLOBAL CRYSTAL ASSOCIATION then all of our crystals and gems were mined by happy miners, under FAIR TRADE conditions which means that when they were mined from the earth they were collected by miners who love their work and their working conditions and as crystals are a conductor of energy you can be assured that from the moment the crystals in your CRYSTAL EYES masks left the earth they were only touched by LOVING hands.

Chakra(s): Throat, Heart, Thymus, Third Eye and Higher Crown Chakra (Activates all Chakras in line).

Energy Vibration: 9

Element: Water

Energy: Cleansing, Power, Healing, Love and Protection

Aqua Aura crystal comes from the Quartz family of minerals. Although this is a mineral from the Quartz family, it is not clear quartz and it is not mined with clear Quartz. Aqua Aura comes from very specific mines and the ones we use in our masks are mined in Brazil. The stunning blue hues of this crystal are created from the specialised cleaning process that takes place after they are mined. To be cleaned they are heated and fine vaporised gold is bonded to the crystals surface, giving this unique blue hue that is almost iridescent to the eye. This means that not only does this crystal carry the properties of Quartz but also the gold it is bonded with, making this a truly magical crystal.