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Our stunning midnight sky blue, ANGELIC CRYSTAL EYES MASK is made with the most high vibrational IOLITE and CELESTITE crystals found on earth. 

The spiritual or metaphysical qualities of IOLITE is only now becoming known as this crystal in its raw form is extremely rare.  Iolite is otherwise known as the TWILIGHT crystal because it the colour of a midnight blue sky and has beautiful violet hues in certain lights.  Iolite is said to come alive when it used to connect with the ANGELIC REALM and the Universe as a whole, making it the perfect mask to get restful sleep in or perform meditation in, as when the mind is peaceful the gap between our physical world and the ANGELIC WORLD is bridged together.  IOLITE is also known as the stone of the "MUSE" activating the visionary and creative side of the mind, which is why we made this CRYSTAL EYES MASK part of our CRYSTAL CONNOISSEUR COLLECTION and added the wonderful vibration of CITRINE into our logo as CITRINE is the crystal of abundance.  As the saying goes...if you can dream it, you can create it...and with this combination of crystals you'll have the ANGELS all around you to help you bring your visions to life!

The spiritual or metaphysical qualities of CELESTITE are probably some of the most well known in the crystal community.  CELESTITE is called the ANGELIC stone because it is said that wherever there is CELESTITE, there are ANGELS!  Celestite has perhaps a more gentle vibration than Iolite, making them the perfect combination of crystals.  CELESTITE is known for being both calming and uplifting, some might say that's how you would feel when ANGELS are near...CELESTITE is also known to link us to ANGELIC GUIDES and is used by many as a way to call to the ANGELS when they need gentle, loving support.  CELESTITE is also known as the crystal of 'sweet dreams' as it is said to create a peaceful and restful nights sleep when placed near the bed...however you can now go one better and actually sleep with your CELESTITE when you use your ANGELIC CRYSTAL EYES MASK!

As we only use FAIR TRADE & CONFLICT FREE crystals and gemstones as CERTIFIED BY THE GLOBAL CRYSTAL ASSOCIATION then all of our crystals and gems were mined by happy miners, under FAIR TRADE conditions which means that when they were mined from the earth they were collected by miners who love their work and their working conditions and as crystals are a conductor of energy you can be assured that from the moment the crystals in your CRYSTAL EYES masks left the earth they were only touched by LOVING hands.

 Chakra(s): Throat, Third Eye, Crown and Higher Crown Chakra

 Energy Vibration: 2 & 8

Element: Water

Energy: Communication, Connection to the Angelic Realm, Healing, Love, Restful Sleep and Gentle Protection