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Our LOVE CRYSTAL EYES Mask is made with the purest ROSE QUARTZ found on the planet.

The spiritual or metaphysical qualities of the crystal ROSE QUARTZ are probably the most well known in the crystal world.  ROSE QUARTZ is the crystal of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE but what most people don't realise that love starts within and spreads to our outer world so we made our ROSE QUARTZ LOVE CRYSTAL EYES MASK with this knowledge at the forefront of its creation. This stone is not only known for attracting more love into your life in the sense of a romantic partner, friends, family or love of your worker life but it's lesser known, and perhaps most important use, is to raise our own vibration of self love!  If we raise our own vibration through self love then it follows that we will naturally attract more LOVE in all areas of our lives.  ROSE QUARTZ is said to bring inner peace and harmony through gentle forgiveness, compassion, kindness and tolerance whilst balancing ones emotions.  Raising ones self-esteem and sense of self-worth, ROSE QUARTZ is said to also heal emotional wounds.  ROSE QUARTZ is also used in a lot of skin care as it is said to give a soft complexion, reduce wrinkles and slow the signs of ageing!  ROSE QUARTZ is also widely known to reduce headaches and migraines so wearing our LOVE CRYSTAL EYES over your eyes and forehead would be the best position for this crystal to be applied.

As we only use FAIR TRADE & CONFLICT FREE crystals and gemstones as CERTIFIED BY THE GLOBAL CRYSTAL ASSOCIATION then all of our crystals and gems were mined by happy miners, under FAIR TRADE conditions which means that when they were mined from the earth they were collected by miners who love their work and their working conditions and as crystals are a conductor of energy you can be assured that from the moment the crystals in your CRYSTAL EYES masks left the earth they were only touched by LOVING hands.


CHAKRA: Heart and Higher Heart Chakra

ELEMENT: Earth & Water

PLANET: Venus (named after The Goddess of Love)

POWERS: Love of all types, resonates strongly with the power of self-love and self-worth

ROSE QUARTZ is part of the Quartz family but it probably has the most gentle vibrations of all the Quartz family.  Our ROSE QUARTZ is mined in Brazil and is a glorious rich pink colour with a marbled effect of pale pink/white hues running through it, which is how we know it isn't treated or lab enhanced in any way.  According to archeological records ROSE QUARTZ was used as early as 800-600 B.C. by the Assyrians.  Later it became popular with the Greeks and Romans. The name ROSE QUARTZ comes from the Greek derivative krustallos, meaning 'Ice formed by the Gods'.