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Moonstone Goddess Crystal Eyes
Moonstone Goddess Crystal Eyes
Moonstone Goddess Crystal Eyes

Moonstone Goddess Crystal Eyes

The Crystal Consultant
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This delicate silver Crystal Eye Mask is infused with the most beautiful RAINBOW MOONSTONE, WHITE MOONSTONE & PEACH MOONSTONE! As the name suggests, all variants of MOONSTONE are strongly connected to the energy of the moon, water and to female intuition!  It's also first and foremost a feminine crystal, directly associated with SELENE GODDESS OF THE MOON.  Like the moon, these stones have a reflective schiller which reminds one that as the moon waxes and wanes through a natural cycle, so do we.  Vibrating with female wisdom the RAINBOW MOONSTONE has a calming energy that helps us to go with the flow during times of change, like changes in life cycles or moon cycles.  However we have combined this RAINBOW MOONSTONE with the gentle, loving and healing vibration of the rare form of PEACH MOONSTONE so that we may feel protected and wrapped up in a safe, loving peach coloured Aura during times of change that cause us to be stressed or worry about the uncertainty of life as we move through its cycles.  These stones combined will have you embracing change as the positive cycle that it is! 

When you select a mask from our Crystal Connoisseur Collection, you get something really special...we've found the rarest of crystals and combined them to make something extra special just for you...to show exactly how special these creations are, you can see that we've added CITRINE crystals to the clear quartz crystals mixed in with our logo on front of the mask to give it its beautiful golden shimmer and as citrine is known as the crystal of ABUNDANCE, it is said that whatever you are manifesting when you use your CRYSTAL CONNOISSEUR MASK, it will be brought to you in super quick time!


*Crystals representative of which crystals are used in mask, not included with mask*