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Hi there! 

So glad you came to check out our top tips for February's Full Moon Ceremony...

February is a very special month for myself personally as it's the month my beautiful daughter was born, so it's only fitting that our Full Moon Ceremony for this month is one that focuses on cleansing and expanding the Heart Chakra.

Love is such a powerful emotion, expressing love is such a beautiful thing, however cleansing the Heart Chakra from old love ties is just as important as expressing love because it is the epitome of SELF LOVE!

So lets dive into what a Full Moon Ceremony is, why we should all take the time to absorb this wonderful, beautiful Goddess Moon energy and more importantly HOW TO PERFORM THE CEREMONY...

Humans have been Moon Bathing for a millennia, as it's long been known and proven scientifically, that the moon itself has rays, just like the sun, we call them Moonbeams!  

These energetic beams are at their most influential on earth when the moon is in its 'Full Phase'.  The Moon and the Sun both influence our planet, however the Moon has the greatest impact because it's closest to the earth.  The gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun makes the earths water in the Oceans swell, causing a continuous change between high and low tide and this is quite similar to the effect the Moon has over humans.  

I often hear and read stories about the Moons effects on humans, usually they claim because we humans are 75% water, then the Moon effects human behaviour just because our cells are made up of water, sadly I'm about to "blow that out of the water" (pun intended, sorry!).  

The truth is Moon Bathing, Moon Ceremonies, Moon Rituals...whatever you prefer to call it...actually impact us for a totally different reason...it's because we are surrounded by an electro-magnetic field (or Aura as I prefer to call it) and our Aura is charged, cleansed, energised and magnatised by the energetic waves shone upon the earth by these beautiful Moons beams!

So now we understand WHY the Moon is import to us...let us move on to HOW to harness this beautiful, natural and sustainable energy source!

A Moon Bathing Ceremony is as much about the intention we set when we first decided to participate in one, as it is to carry out the ceremony itself.  Why is this, well our mind cannot discern between a thought and an action, remember that old saying..."I think, therefore I am"...yes, that's exactly how simple the mind views things!  

So just by deciding to prepare for a Full Moon Ceremony your Auric body (electro-magnetic field) is already shifting its energy into a 'cleansing' vibration...so we're already off to a great start...!  

As I'm writing this blog in the U.K I'm using U.K time zones for the Ceremony but this is a universal Ceremony so we hope where ever you are in the world, you join in with us on Saturday 8th February and Sunday 9th February 2020.

Now to perform a Full Moon Ceremony, we believe it shouldn't cost the earth, in pounds and pence nor at the cost of the planet either.  So we always start with what we have in our homes and gardens!

Are you ready...lets get started with Saturday 8th February 2020 and the Full Moon Ceremony of Cleansing...

What you can use: 


Rose Quartz, Selenite and Moonstone (please try to use Certified Fair Trade as these carry the most beautiful loving vibes along with being ethical and sustainable).

Pink Sea Salt.

Fresh mint leaves.

Rose petals.

Organic coconut oil.

Mixing bowl, sieve and cup.

Sage and Palo Santo, responsibly sourced.

Any of our My Crystal Eyes Masks, preferably our LOVE ROSE QUARTZ or MOONSTONE GODDESS PROTECTION MASK.

If you do have a Crystal Eyes mask you don’t need the tumbled crystals, they are optional.

 If you don't have any Crystals just follow the rest of the Ceremony along. 

Firstly, at any time during the evening, we take a cup full of pink sea salt (or Himalayan Pink salt) ethically sourced as always, empty this into a mixing bowl and add in some fresh mint leaves, say 2 or 3 leaves at most, a desert spoon of organic coconut oil and finally a couple of fresh rose petals (ethical hack, if you call into your local florist and ask them do they have any fallen rose petals, they'll be only too happy to let you have them if you tell them it's for an ethical project!) or you could do what I do and treat yourself to a beautiful Rose and after using the 2-3 rose petals for the Cleansing mix you can then plant it during the Full Moon Ceremony as a gift to Mother Earth with LOVE!

Next, hand mix all the ingredients (you can use gloves if you prefer or bare hands) into a lovely paste, adding more coconut oil if you need it.  Then add one tumbled piece of ROSE QUARTZ and one piece of MOONSTONE (I use Peach Moonstone for this Ceremony as it is the Peach Moonstone Crystal that resonates most with the Heart Chakra Energies).  Now, take the mixing bowl to your bathroom and place the bowl on the windowsill with the blinds open and the window slightly open and leave it there.   If you have sage, light it now and cleanse the bathroom by wafting the smoke from the sage around all corners of the room from floor to ceiling and then extinguish the sage. 

When you are ready and all the jobs of the day are done, go back to the bathroom and light as many tea lights as you like...put on some of your most relaxing music that you really enjoy listening to, then start running the water into the bath and as you do spend a moment visualising the water as bright white Moon Beams flowing from your taps! 

Next, get your nicest pyjamas or lounge ware ready for when you get out of the bath as it's import to do everything consciously and really be in the moment with yourself.  Make sure you are getting into clean sheets, we all know there's no other feeling better than your favourite pyjamas and fresh bedding!  

When your bath is half full take your mixing bowl from the windowsill and get your sieve ready, empty the contents of your bowl in the sieve and place the bowl back onto the windowsill, you'll need that later.  Place the sieve and its contents under the warm, not hot, running water and let the contents dissolve.  When everything is dissolved and you're left with your crystals, leaves and petals in your sieve, remove your crystals and put the sieve in the bowl.  

When your bath is ready, step into it consciously feeling the temperature of the water, smelling the ever so gentle aroma of mint and rose petals...take your Rose Quartz in your left hand and your Moonstone in your right hand and immerse yourself into the water up to your neck, including immersing the Rose Quartz and Moonstone crystals in the water in your hands, do not get the selenite wet, place it on the windowsill and leave it until the morning.  During this time we relax, we set our intention to cleanse our physical body from everything that no longer serves us and we release all energies that do not belong to us back to it's source, then breathe out deeply as you feel this being done on an energetic level. 

After 10 to 15 mins maximum, run the taps with warm water and wash each crystal in turn, as you cleanse your crystals see your energy field also being cleansed, slow your breath, be purposeful and focus upon your crystals being cleansed and becoming shiny just like your Aura is becoming nice and shiny once again. 

Unplug your bath after you have slowly stepped out of it, as you don't want your newly cleansed energy to go down the drain with the water!  Next, if you have it, light your Palo Santo and do the same as you did with sage, waft the beautiful smoke around the room from floor to ceiling and corner to corner to energise the room with high vibrational energy again. Make sure you extinguish it safely.

Dress slowly, feeling the fabric against your skin, clean your bath so it is sparkling and no remnant of the energy cleansing you have just performed is left behind, this ensures that there is no stagnant energy left in your home.  Blow out your tea lights or candles one by one as you thank the flame for bringing light into your life and energy field.  

Then take yourself straight to bed with your Rose Quartz and Moonstone crystals placed besides your bed ready for waking in the morning and a full glass of water for throughout the night.


The Full Moon in the U.K is at 07:33am this Sunday morning so please make sure you wake up, drink a full glass of water and be ready to be outside with your sieve of pulp and all crystals by 7am at the latest.  

Find a place comfortable for you to sit, I prefer to sit on the ground as I like the connection to the earth as I feel it grounds my energy before I connect with the strength of the Moons Energy!

Then relax...as you breath in feel the energy of the Moon Beams fill your Aura with white energetic light!  When you feel ready, focus upon the centre of your chest where your heart chakra is, feel it slowly expand, notice the colour you see in your minds eye, notice your loving thoughts, notice how GOOD YOU FEEL!  Notice the love expand in your heart as it swells with the vibrant energy of the Full Moon....now you are truly MOON BATHING!

Whenever you feel you have had enough of this energy flow through you, say a quite 'Thank you' to the Universe, the Moon, the Earth, your God...it is up to you who you thank but gratitude is a magnet for all good things so be sure to show your appreciation.  Then when you're ready, take the rest of what's left in your sieve and put it in the soil, or a plant pot or under a tree in your garden and leave it with LOVE, as this is a place you can return to when your energy feels depleted and just by being near this energised area in your garden you can replenish your Aura at any time with it's high vibrational remnants of LOVE & LIGHT!  

Now enjoy your new, cleansed, energised Aura and get out there into the world and spread some LOVE!

I really hope you enjoyed our guide to a Full Moon Ceremony and now we understand the WHY, next time we will just focus on the chosen Chakra and Crystals!  

Happy February Full Moon to all you Earth Angels out there raising the vibes!

Please feel free to message us on here, leave a comment or give us a shout out on our instagram @my_crystal_eyes to ask any questions or give us any feedback because we love to know what you think about your experience with our Full Moon Ceremonies!

Love & Light, 

The Crystal Consultant xx











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  • Ohh wow what a beautiful experience I had doing your ritual. I had the most amazing bath ❤️ I didn’t have any pink salt so I just used sea salt and Epsom salts, I slept for 8 straight. My skin felt so soft and getting into new pjs and fresh bedding. Got up early even in the storm Lol and embraced the full moon 🌕 I then took Sunday for myself and done a beautiful aromatherapy class and a sound bath that evening it’s was so soul filling. Thank you so much for sharing I will definitely be keeping this up now for every full moon. Lots of love Sinéad 💜💜💜

  • This sounds so beautiful! Will light my sage tonight for sure 🖤🖤🖤

    Lisa Caldognetto

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