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April 2020's Pink Moon, named after phlox, the pink flowers that bloom in spring, is also a Super Moon, the last SUPER MOON of 2020!  Other names for this Full Moon are SPROUTING GRASS MOON, FISH MOON, HARE MOON, EGG MOON AND PASCHAL MOON.


The name Pink Moon comes from one of the first spring flowers, Wild Ground Phlox  (Phlox subulata) as they cover the ground like a pink blanket.  These brightly coloured flowers are native to North America and they often bloom around the time of April's Full Moon. 


When a Full Moon takes place at a time that the Moon is near its closest to the Earth, it is called a Super Moon. To be classed as a Super Moon a Full Moon should be less than 360,000 kilometres from the centre of the earth.  Making its energy more palpable and potent to the Earth and humans!

So now the know the science and the reason for the name PINK SUPER FULL MOON, lets dive into our beautiful Full Moon Rituals!

Selenite Meditation Kit

(Image above is Selenite Mediation Kit from our High Vibe Homeware Collection)

Ritual Ingredients:

Crystals (Selenite or Peach Moonstone, White Moonstone or Black & White Moonstone if possible)

Hand full of any type of Pink Petals (pink and white is also great)

Hand full of Pink Himalayan Salt (pink food salt or bath salt, both as good) 

Tea lights or candles (pink or white if possible)

Sage, Palo Santo or Rose Incense (if you have them, it's not a problem to miss this step. Rose Incense is preferable but not essential, any incense will work too)

Diluted Rose Essential Oil or pink food colouring (both are optional and not essential)


At anytime today, gather your crystals, all or any you want to Super-Charge under this last Super Moon of 2020.  Run them all under a tap of cold water (except for Selenite, Selenite should never get wet as it breaks down the shards that make it whole and will splinter and break!). If you have an outdoor space, place all your crystals outside, if not, place them on windowsills.  

Tonights energy will be very high at around 8:05pm and will be getting stronger as the night goes on so starting this ceremony from anytime after 8pm will be optimal for its purpose.  

Firstly pour 3 separate glasses of filtered water and leave them on any windowsill.

Run a bath and just before you turn the taps off, add in a handful of Pink Himalayan Salt (or Sea Salt as an option), a handful of Pink Petals, a few drops of pre-diluted Rose essential oil or Pink food colouring.  Light your candles and turn off your bathroom lights or dim them to where you are comfortable.  Open your bathroom window, light some Sage, Palo Santo or incense (safely and responsibly!) and just before you get into your bath take a long, slow deep breath to breath in the aroma and soothe your mind body and soul! 

If you have any of our CRYSTAL EYES MASKS then obviously this is the ideal time to slide it on (as soon as you're comfortable in the bath!).



Repeat this beautiful mantra SLOWLY as many times as you feel comfortable, personally I repeat it until I have a naturally induced smile on my face, that's how I know the very cells in my body have GOT THE MESSAGE!

Notice the scents around you, the way your CRYSTAL EYE MASK may be pulsating over your third eye (as mine often does when I use mantras with my mask on!) or if you don't have a CRYSTAL EYE MASK notice the flickering light your candles make or the way the water moves around your body...pay attention to all your senses!

(Image copyright belongs to The Crystal Consultant)

When you're ready to leave the bath or foot spa, step out slowly, dress consciously, clean your bath immediately as no one wants stagnant energy blocking the flow of all this beautiful Super Moon energy we've been calling in! I suggest you dress in you favourite nightwear, drink one full glass of water from the three you earlier placed on the windowsill, go outside if you can and face the moon and recite your mantra again. Take your second glass of water up to bed and drink slowly throughout the night.  If you don't have a private outdoor space take your second glass of water to bed and lay down and visualise the Moon, really let yourself see it, then when you can visualise it in all it's beauty, recite your mantra to the Moon again.  

Whether outside or in bed, the second to last part of this blissful Ritual is to write down what you want to manifest between now and the next April Full Moon of 2021!  If you're outside, place the paper under your favourite Crystal and leave it overnight, if you're in bed, place it under your pillow and relax.

(Image of our Purity & Protection Selenite and Black Tourmaline Crystal Eye Mask)

This would now be the perfect time to use our Selenite Meditation Kit from our High Vibe Homeware Collection (in the top image) to quieten the mind and connect further with the energy of this Super Moon as Selenite is the Crystal connected to Selene The Goddess Of The Moon from Greek Mythology.  This Selenite kit is a conduit of crystal energy, cleansing, energising and harmonising ALL Chakras at once as you hold one in the right hand and one in the left making a perfect circuit of pure white light through the physical body and the auric field simultaneously.  Although any time is the best time to have fully cleansed and charged chakras so there's no need to wait for a Full Moon to use them!


When you wake up in the morning you should drink your third and final glass of moon charged water!  Go outside and give thanks to Mother Earth and the Moon for energising and protecting you and your crystals overnight.  GRATITUDE IS EVERYTHING!  Collect your manifestation notes and safely burn them if possible and as you do burn them, know that your requests have been heard and your blessing will come at the right time for you!  I like to then scatter the ashes in my garden.

If you don't have an outdoor space, thank Mother Earth and the Moon for energising and protecting you and your crystals and then get your manifestation notes from under your pillow and if possible safely burn them in a dish and do not leave them unattended at any time until they are cold, dry ashes.  You may then scatter the ashes whenever you next go outside or even just place them in a house plant pot! 

I really hope you enjoyed todays blog and we love your feed back so please leave us a comment or feel free to ask any questions below! 

If you go over to our Instagram you can also see our personal bath ritual in our stories this evening!  Hope to see you all there and please tag us in to your Full Moon Rituals that you make tonight!

Crystal Love and Full Moon Hugs, 

The Crystal Consultant xx


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